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As most of you know, photography as 2 distinct parts. Capturing the image, and processing the image. With film cameras, you capture the image on the film, then take it to a processing center and receive prints. With digital cameras, the image is still captured the same way, but the processing is totally different. Thanks to computers and one of the many widely available image processing programs, the digital photographer can custom crop and process an image for the best results for the particular application. Some, but not all of the images viewed from this site have been processed in my "digital darkroom" for optimum viewing results.

All images purchased either on CD or prints are processed for correct color and exposure

The images presented on this web site are solely for the purpose of providing the event participants and organizers, or their acquaintances, the opportunity to obtain a professional image of you participating in the event. If you are not a participant in any event, then the sole purpose of the image of you is to provide you, or your acquaintances, the opportunity to obtain a professional image of you. No images on this site are intended for, nor will be used for, any commercial purpose. My intentions for this web site is to provide a service where you can obtain an inexpensive, professional image for your personal enjoyment. No images on this web site are intended to exploit anyone, or anything, in any way. If you are offended in any way by any image of you on this web site, please e-mail me immediately. The image in question will promptly be removed or replaced.All images displayed on this site are © 2001 - 2016 by John Dyar. Please do not use any image from this site for any reason without first obtaining written permission from John Dyar.

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